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Adult Beginner & Intermediate Pottery Classes

It's never too late to get your hands dirty and learn how to make your own mugs and bowls with our adult pottery classes! Clay is a wonderful medium for expressing your creativity and also creating something practical that you can use and enjoy every day in your home.

If you would like to see Intermediate Only pottery classes click here.

Do I need to have any experience?

Not at all.  If you've never touched clay before in your life, just sign up for any of our Beginner & Intermediate pottery classes and reconnect with the simple joy of building something with your own two hands.

All you'll need to start is an apron ($17), and two trimming tools ($20). You'll purchase these from us on your first day. All other tools are provided.

Pottery student cutting his ball of clay in half.
Pottery students focusing intently on their pots as they raise the walls.

Which class is for me?

Our pottery classes are divided into two levels of experience: Beginner & Intermediate, and Intermediate Only.

Our Intermediate Only pottery classes are designed for the student who already has experience with ceramics and is wanting to learn new skills and try some more ambitious projects.

If you have a little bit of experience but feel that you need to practice your foundational skills, then we recommend joining a Beginner & Intermediate pottery  class.

The pottery classes run once a week, for 6 weeks. We offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening, 7 days a week.​​

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