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Pottery Student Resources

Read through these before your first class

Mask Policy

Our policy remains “no mask, no entry”, regardless of BC mask mandates changing.


Please wear a tight fitting mask ,  ideally a KN95, N95, or surgical mask, not a cloth mask.

We hope that you'll continue to support all arts programs in Vancouver who keep their mask mandates in place.


All enrolling students are responsible to have two doses, and have their vaccine ID Card before starting class.

The physical paper card the vaccine clinic gave you will suffice if you don’t have a digital card. There are no refunds or make ups for missing a class due to not having your vaccine card. 

Two doses is the minimum requirement for taking classes at Hand Eye Ceramics.

Please visit this link for vaccine card details. 

To confirm your immunization records, register for Health Gateway with the link above .

Vaccine policy of Hand Eye Ceramics studio


Location: 2nd Floor 739 Gore Ave 

Please put on your mask before entering the studio building, then go through the double doors under the yellow awning marked 739.

Walk up the stairs and go through a second set of doors. Turn left to find a third set of doors and ring the doorbell on the right hand side, marked “Hand Eye Ceramics”.


One of our instructors will come let you in. Please be patient if it takes a minute or two. Please make sure to pull our third door shut after entering.


The studio is the blue door at the end of the hallway.

If the outside door is locked and you cannot get to the doorbell, please call your instructor (refer to your confirmation email for instructor phone numbers).

Before entering the final door leading to the studio, you will see a bathroom to your right. Please wash your hands for 30 seconds or more.


If you are taking a wheel throwing class, you will need to purchase two trimming tools and an apron at your first class. Aprons are $17 and trimming tools are $10 each. You will need one small and one medium trimming tool.


You can purchase these as a bundle from our webstore at this link:


Please keep the confirmation receipt to show to the instructor when you arrive for your first class.


Alternatively you can pay when you arrive, or bring cash ($38.85 after tax).
If you already have one or more of these items, you can purchase the individual tools or apron on the webstore.


Marking Your Tools

It’s very important to label your trimming tools so they don’t get lost in your second class when we use them. Please label with either electrical tape, nail polish or spray paint on the metal handle.


9lb of clay is included with your class. If you need additional clay, you must purchase it through the studio. No outside clay is allowed.

Click here to purchase additional clay.


There are no classes on:

  • Friday, April 7th (Good Friday) 

  • Monday, May 23rd (Victoria Day)

  • Friday, Sep 30th (Truth & Reconciliation Day)

  • Monday, Oct 10th (Thanksgiving)

  • Monday, Oct 31st (Halloween)

  • Friday, Nov 11th (Remembrance Day)

  • Tuesday, Dec 27th

  • Saturday, Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)

  • Saturday, Dec 31st (New Years Eve)


Not to worry, you won't miss a session, everything is just shifted back one week to accommodate the holiday.


Refunds are only available up to 10 business days before the class starts, a $65 admin fee is charged for all refunds.


Any classes interrupted by a mandatory or voluntary closure of the studio due to COVID-19 will be postponed and a class credit is to be redeemed within 6 months of the postponement. 

If you are individually affected by COVID-19, an equivalent amount of open studio sessions will be granted with a doctor's note provided. There are no refunds due to COVID-19. 

  • Open studio credits may not be sold.

  • Clay may not be purchased with credits. 

  • Open studio is on Mondays 9am-12pm, Wednesdays 9:30am-12:30am,  Fridays 3:30pm-6:30pm, and Saturdays and Sundays 4pm - 7pm.

  • Spots must be reserved if using as a make up.

  • Only one open studio can be used as a make up per term if missed class was not due to COVID-19. 

  • Make ups are not guaranteed as open studios may become full.

  • There is no instruction in open studios, rather open studio is a practice time.


So you missed a glaze class, here's what to do.


Click here for more information on our open studios.

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