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Missed Glaze Class

So you missed a glaze class, here's what to do.

Glazed pottery sitting on wire shelves.

Three Weeks Max

Contact us when you are available to glaze and we will try our best to fit you into a glaze class that same term, although this is challenging as classes may be full. 

You can leave your bisque pots here up to a maximum of three weeks from the last day of class of your term. After this they need to be sent to pottery heaven as we need to make room for new pots. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


If you are glazing outside of your regular class, students must paint an underglaze black circle on the bottom of their pots—after wiping glaze off —using a magic carpet beside the sink.


This black circle tells us to put your pots safely aside as otherwise they will be sent to pottery heaven along with your classmates left behind pots.

The studio is not responsible for lost pots as a result of students forgetting to follow rules.


If we can’t find a spot for you to glaze by one week after your class ends, then you will need to come pick up your pots during an Open Studio.


So if you haven’t received a text it’s your responsibility to come pick them up. We will not remind you to pick up prior to the deadline. 

If you can’t pick up your bisqueware pots (meaning fired pots without glaze)  within 3 weeks of your last class, then you’re welcome to send a friend to pick them up for you.

Hopefully you have labeled your pots correctly with day and time so this can be an easy process. 


If you have at least two terms of experience with glazing, you may also glaze during an Open Studio. However, all glazed pots need to be approved by supervisors before going into the kiln room. 


Pots will be ready for pick up three weekends after you have glazed. You will have two weeks to pick them up during our Open Studios.

If you can’t make any of our Open Studio times, please contact us  to arrange a pick up time 15 minutes prior to a class.

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