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Commissions & Film Props

Custom mugs, cremation urns, and props for films.

Artist handpainting a custom ceramic urn.


Look no further for the perfect birthday gift. We can make personalized coffee mugs in the shape, size, colour, and design that you want for that special someone in your life.

We also make custom cremation urns for your loved ones. Reach out to us today with your ceramic needs and we'll find a solution for you.


Hanging plant pots are from $85-$175 depending on size. Up to 16” wide by 9” high. 

Mugs are original, hand thrown and custom decorated to fit your ideas. Price ranges from $28-$125 depending on volume and complexity of design. 

A 9’ by 7’ urn costs $300 (additional fees for illustrated designs, text, or larger sizes)

Hanging plant pot with a blue bubble glaze and green plants spilling out of it.
12 inch stamped mayan design in clay to be used as a film prop for set decoration.

Film Props & Set Decoration

We have done prop work for Apple TV, multiple Netflix productions and TV commercials.

We can help you turn your creative vision into a physical product for your production.

Prop Work
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