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Memberships & Studio Rentals

For when once-a-week pottery classes aren't enough

Studio Memberships
Studio members working on their pieces at Hand Eye Ceramics

Studio Memberships

Studio Access Options

24/7 access every day of month

$225 (location 322 E 5th Ave  MT pleasant)

Midnight to noon $160 per month

(location 322 E 5th Ave MT pleasant)

2 days per wk $175

(location 322 E 5th Ave MT pleasant)

Access outside of M-Th 645pm-10pm 30% discounted clay (and access outside of the rare big work shop booking) Location 739 Gore Ave

All memberships are a 2 month minimum commitment and renew automatically each month

To find out everything that membership includes click the button below.

Pottery Wheel Rental

Need more time to throw & trim your pots, or maybe you're just more comfortable working solo?

With our Wheel Rental program you can take one of our tabletop or floor model wheels home for 3 months.

Throw at home, then bring your pots in to fire and glaze. It's that simple.

A collection of different types of pottery wheels
Wheel Rental
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