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No experience needed

Location: this class is unique as it’s held at our new “Pleasant Pottery Studio” at 322 E 5th Ave, near intersection of Scotia st in MT. Pleasant (just 1.5 blocks East of Main St) Do not go to the hand eye ceramics google maps location where vast majority of our classes are held.

Drop in for a sensory crafty experience, getting your hands in clay. Unlike wheel throwing, hand building is completely free form

Text 778-898-3414 for the 20% off discount code if you are registering as a couple. Your total will come to $132 after tax Per couple

Last minute Registrations can be made if space permits, but as this is our lowest priced class, it is highly popular so register early.

You will learn a few foundational techniques and from there start creating your master price, be it a sculpture or a functional item such as a mug, the choice is yours.

2 lbs clay is included. This should be enough to make a bowl or a mug or small sculpture.

If you wish to continue working on your piece the fallowing wk, painting on coloured clay, you can wrap your pot up in plastic and register for the fallowing wk. (be sure to tell your instructor if you plan to colour it or continue building in it as they will control the drying so it’s either pliable or what we call leather hard and ready for coloured clay.

Hump day Hand Building Drop in (price per person) register as group get 20% off

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Return Policy- there are no refunds for this class Gift certificates are non refundable. Any classes affected by Covid will be postponed  but not refunded. 48 hrs notice is required for a postponement and only due to covid with doctors note provided. 

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