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Pottery Wheel Rental

For when once-a-week pottery classes aren't enough


Need more time to throw & trim your pots, or maybe you're just more comfortable working solo?

With our Wheel Rental program you can take one of our tabletop wheels home for 3 months.


Throw at home, then bring your pots in to fire and glaze. Keep reading for all of the details.

Pottery Wheel Rental Program


Our pottery wheel rental program costs $125/month + GST ($131.25 after tax).

The minimum rental period is three months, so $375 + GST ($393.75 after tax).

You can pay via e-transfer to (password: pottery) or through our website.

A three month rental includes basic tool rental and 10 lb of plainsman 340 clay to start. 

If you want to rent an adjustable wheel stool they are an additional $7 per month—if available. They must not be stored upside down on the wheel as this will destroy them!

Pottery wheels must be stored indoors and turned off when not in use, as not doing so will age and damage them.

How Firing Works


Payments must be made prior to glazing.

Use a ruler to measure height x width—in inches—and then multiply by $0.25.

A mug for example: 4” x 3”x $0.25 = $3.00.

Note: plates are measured at no less than 2.5” in height as they take up a lot of kiln shelf space. 

Write the total down and then you can pay by sending payments to my email: (password: pottery).

All pots must be paid for before leaving the studio after glazing.

Bisque Firing


All pots must be labeled on the bottom with a stamp.

You can make a stamp by carving leather hard clay and bisque firing it. 


Your stamp is how we distinguish your pots from the student work. For the short time that you may not have a stamp, please draw a symbol on the bottom and text a picture to James so that we know which pots are yours.


Once your stamp is fired and you start using it, please send a picture of your new mark to James.

Marking Your Pots


Bisque firing is free, as the cost is bundled into the price of clay per pound. 

Only clay purchased from the studio can be used. 

We fire in a cone 6 1227 Skutt kiln.


You can come in to glaze outside of regular class times and outside of Open Studio times. Open Studios times can be found here.


We will also send you a  Google Calendar link once you receive your wheel, which will help you coordinate your glazing time.

If there is a class occurring in the east studio only, you may then use the west studio to glaze. Refer to the Google Calendar for studio class times and locations.

When to Glaze
Glaze Procedures


10 people max on each side. If you are unable to socially distance yourself at the tables, then sit at a wheel and put a board on top of the wheel—big boards are found to the left of the white board—and glaze there instead, as all glaze buckets are on wheels.


Cover the board with some newsprint before using it. Please throw the newsprint out after use.

Never wash the scrubbers or spoons that are found in the glaze buckets. If you need to remove them while glazing, then place them on the inside of the lid. 


If you need additional clay, you must purchase it through the studio. No outside clay is allowed.

Click here to purchase clay.

Additional Clay


The wheel is only to be used by the renter. Unfortunately due to insurance purposes, communal settings may not rent our wheels.

Wheel is Only for the Renter


  • We only allow cone 6 clay in the studio.

  • Absolutely no outside clay is allowed in the studio—this includes both wet and bisque clay. All clay needs to be purchased through the studio.

  • You must have labeled your pots in order for the kiln loader to load your pots. As a studio mate you are required to stamp your pots with a stamp you make or purchase. This way technicians know your work isn’t student work. Unlabelled pots are often lost and if a pot damages the kiln I need to know who’s it is so this person can be charged damages.

  • Unlabeled pots are not fired and are discarded after 1 week of being left in the kiln room.

  • The technician reserves the right to deny firing of work that they see as a potential hazard to the kiln and/or other studio mates’ pots. 

  • Due to COVID-19, no guests are allowed in the studio. Only staff, students and studio mates are allowed.

  • Dogs are okay if supervised and are not jumping around or wagging their tail, potentially knocking work over.

  • Due to COVID-19, proper masks must be worn in the studio when there is 1 or more people present, regardless of which room you are in.

  • Never add or remove water from the glazes as their specific gravity has been measured. Altering glaze batches will displace and dissolve suspension particles and likely cause grazing issues among many other issues.

  • Never wash the scrubbers and spoons that are found in the glaze buckets.

  • Never scrape sides of glaze buckets. This will make the glaze lumpy.

  • Do not touch the kilns, or rest anything on a kiln, unless you are asked to by a studio technician. Touching or opening the kiln will result in your eviction without notice and no return of your last month’s security deposit. By renting from us you acknowledge this agreement. 

  • No touching other studio mates’ work.

  • Any personal injury occurring within the studio or studio building is your sole responsibility and Hand Eye Design Ceramics Inc. and James Kemp are not responsible for your personal injury. By renting with us, you contractually agree with said prior statement. 

Important Details
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